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Carissa Patton


Texas Level 10 State Beam

Carissa is a level 10 gymnast from World Olympic Gymnastics Academy (WOGA) in Plano, TX, training under coaches Mila Grebenkova and Janelle McDonald. Carissa is working hard to reach her goals to qualify annually to JO Nationals and to obtain a college gymnastics scholarship. ¬†Below is a list of basic facts relating to Carissa's gymnastics career. 

Gym:  World Olympic Gymnastics Academy

Coaches:  Mila Grebenkova and Janelle McDonald

Level:  Level 10 (2016-Current)

Choreographer:  Cecile Canqueteau-Landi

Floor Music:  A-Flat

Gym Goals:  J.O. Nationals annually & College Scholarship


This page contains routines that Carissa has on each event. To watch highlights of Carissa in action, please press the WATCH button . 


Yurchenko layout full

Meet  Level  Length  Watch 
 Texas State Championships  Level 10  0:16  WATCH
 Texas State Championships  Level 10  0:11  WATCH
 Chows Challenge  Level 10  0:07  WATCH

Uneven Bars

KCH + clear hip to handstand + toe-on to handstand + toe-shoot to high bar; KCH + giant 1/2 + overshoot; KCH + giant 1/1 + giant + giant + double tuck dismount 

Meet  Level  Length  Watch 
Region 3 Regionals   Level 10  0:44  WATCH

Balance Beam

Split jump + straddle 3/4 jump; front aerial + flip flop; cat leap + switch split 1/2; switch straddle; full turn; roundoff + back layout 3/2 dismount

Meet  Level  Length  Watch 
Region 3 Regionals   Level 10  0:44  WATCH

Floor Exercise

Roundoff + flip flop + double pike; switch leap ring + switch split leap 1/2 + sissone 1/2; front handspring + front layout + front layout 1/1; double full turn; tour jete 1/2; roundoff + flip flop + back layout 5/2

Meet  Level  Length  Watch 
 Chows Challenge  Level 10  1:37  WATCH
 Texas Prime Legendz  Level 10  1:37  WATCH
 Texas Prime  Level 10  1:35  WATCH