Carissa Patton

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About Carissa

Personal and academic:   Carissa was born in Plano, TX.  She is in 10th grade at Coram Deo Academy (CDA) in Plano, where her discipline and pursuit of excellence in the gym are matched by her dedication as a scholar.  She is a straight-A student, having maintained a 98 or above average in a very academically rigorous classical model program at CDA since 5th grade, and she is in the Duke TIPs Program.  Her sophomore courses include Chemistry I; Honors Latin III; Algebra 2; Medieval European Literature, Vocabulary, and Composition; AP World History; and Theology I.  She is a yearbook photographer and editor.  Her graduation plan includes 6 Advanced Placement courses and one Dual Credit course among other advanced classes.  She teaches second grade Sunday school weekly and, in her spare time, Carissa plays piano.